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There was once a feeling of so much certainty i thought i must ooze it. i thought the exhausted thudding of my heart must be enough to break my chest. to knock the wind out of me. i thought i couldn’t lose.

i was wrong.

i’m still thudding. still breaking. still knocking.

come back to me, green eyes. come back to my touch. black curtains and lips and teeth and silk. come back to humming. that urgent hum of necessity. it was all a total mess of intensity, but i wouldn’t trade a breath of it. i miss every breath of it. every breath of you.

so here i am, mask aside. relenting. surrendering. here, i’ll chain myself to the wall for you. your very own andromeda. this is my own divine punishment, i suppose, for assuming i was right.

so i was wrong. do with that what you will.


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